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A comprehensive assessment of your child’s speech and language skills is essential as we determine whether therapy is indicated. This assessment is completed with Linda Peterson and includes the gathering of pertinent history information from you, the parent, informal assessment of your child’s speech and language skills, and formalized testing, if indicated.

For younger children, you will be present throughout the assessment visit. At the conclusion of this visit, Ms. Peterson will discuss her findings and recommendations for your child.

For older children, often times the formal assessment will need to be completed over several 1-2 hour sessions. In this situation, the initial visit will include the gathering of history information, informal interaction with your child, and possibly the initiation of formalized testing. Additional sessions will be scheduled as needed. Once the assessment is complete, a parent conference will be scheduled to explain the results of the testing and any recommendations for your child.

Speech and Language Therapy

Therapy sessions are conducted in our office based on a treatment plan that has been created specifically for your child. All sessions are one on one for 45 minutes. At the conclusion of each session, your child’s therapist will share with you what was focused on and provide you with suggestions and materials for practice at home, if appropriate.

Observation windows are available in each of our therapy rooms should you choose to observe therapy while not being a distraction to your child.

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