“We came to Linda Peterson & Associates because our two year old had a speech delay and we were immediately welcomed. Our son has primarily worked with Diana. His confidence has improved immensely and he has flourished with his language skills. He loves to go each week. Linda and Diana have become great resources as we navigate through our son’s milestones. We rely on their opinions and trust them completely with having our son’s best interests at heart. We couldn’t be more pleased with our son’s progress. Finding Linda Peterson & Associates has been a blessing for our family and we are so proud of our son’s accomplishments.”

-Parents of a 2 year old boy

“Linda Peterson & Associates are the best! They work hard to tailor therapy to each child’s needs while taking the whole child into account. They have become a trusted part of the team that helps our daughter and have gone above and beyond to help us with whatever aspects of her life that we’ve needed assistance with over the years. Our daughter has formed a strong bond with the therapists she has worked with and they are practically family at this point. We are grateful to them for helping us see our daughter’s full potential.”

-Parents of a 13 year old girl

“Linda and her team have worked with our children, and we could not be happier with their approach and professionalism. Both our boys love going to speech and come out of their sessions excited about what and how they’ve learned (i.e., games, puzzles, toys). We’ve seen great progress with our child who is on the ASD spectrum and with our other son who simply needed some minor tweaking with “r”, “L” and “th” sounds. The therapists end each session with clear communication about what they’ve worked on, progress made or areas that need more work, and specifics on what we can do at home to help. Linda has been very valuable in communicating with our son’s school and in working with our other therapists to create a cohesive plan for him outside his speech sessions. The office is also very well run with timely billings and assistance with insurance. We definitely recommend Linda Peterson & Associates to anyone wanting high-quality care for their children.”

-Parents of 5 year old and 7 year old boys

“Our family has worked with Linda Peterson & Associates well over 1 1/2 years now, and we have to say they have been wonderful to work with during this time. Linda is an accomplished and seasoned speech therapist; she is well-versed with working with children. She takes her time to be able to adequately diagnose speech issues. I really like that she is frank when asking her opinion. In addition, all the associates we have worked with have all been professional, competent therapists. Thank you, Linda Peterson & Associates, for all the help you’ve given our child!”

-Parents of a 10 year old girl